Our focus is to strengthen the hearts of family members so the family can be strengthened and function in healthy ways. We offer:

  • Therapeutic Services to help families heal and restore: Individual, Marriage, Family, Group Counseling, Support groups. Co dependency, Trauma, Abuse, Depression,  Suicide, Attachment and loss, Personality disorders; experience working with families who have been/are apart of Social Services and Juvenile Probation
  • Mental Health Education Forums» Focus on relationship building and strengthening those connections within the family; addressing prevention, Intervention, Psycho Education, and Resources
  • Mentorship » We believe Mentorship is key to maintainig connection across generations.  Wisdom Speaks is one of our annual events in which seniors provide mentorship to women and men regarding life issues as well  as pass on their life stories.
  • Workshops and More- Workshops, Seminars, Trainings, and Conferences are provided to Service providers, Lay counselors, Volunteers, and Family helping persons with Mental Health issues as well as at-risk behaviors impacting family and community
  • Family Restoration and Reconciliation: Family Restoration and Reconciliation is the heart of Kingdom Family Resources. Where families
    have been separated due to removal from home
    (Foster Care Youth/Adoption), Incarceration, or
    Estrangement, we locate family members, facilitate
    a process of re uniting the family, and provide the
    reconciliation support needed so the relationship
    can be sustained and remain in -tact. We have
    private investigators, search agents, and trained
    therapist to help fulfill the longing of finding family
    and making the connection a reality.
  • Family Camp: Family Camp is our opportunity to provide
    comprehensive therapeutic support to the family
    concentrated in one setting. We have various
    activities that will facilitate healing in the family
    relationship as well as Education, Skill building,
    Stress management, and Teaching families how to
    have fun with each other. Families will come away
    from Family Camp with a Vision and Mission for
    their family as well as strategies on how they as a
    family can give back to their community.

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